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  1. Adding Aspects from SIMS Guide

  2. Admin on Boarding Guide

  3. All Quick start Guides (ZIP file)

  4. Analytics home page explained

  5. Brochure

  6. Can I collaborate in Edmodo?

  7. Can I view a list of all current pupils?

  8. Change date of behaviour

  9. Changing the date of generic pupil notes

  10. Checklist for admins rolling out Class Charts

  11. Creating note categories

  12. Detailed Teacher Guide

  13. Enable/Disable teachers creating their own behaviours

  14. Forgotten your Password

  15. Homework differentiation explained

  16. How can I delete a point or incident I have given a student?

  17. How can I select a random pupil

  18. How do I save the changes I've made to my class?

  19. How do I select all pupils in a class?

  20. How do I take attendance?

  21. How to add a new member of staff

  22. How to add a new reward to the Rewards store

  23. How to add aspects from SIMS

  24. How to apply custom fields to a WAR board

  25. How to archive a teacher profile

  26. How to assign a class to a teacher

  27. How to assign a room to a class

  28. How to assign head of department

  29. How to assign heads of houses

  30. How to assign heads of years

  31. How to assign tutors

  32. How to automatically upscale a detention

  33. How to award and view out of classroom behaviours (All pupils tile)

  34. How to award behaviour points

  35. How to award detentions through a behaviour

  36. How to award multiple pupils behaviour points

  37. How to begin a class

  38. How to change a behaviour icon

  39. How to change custom field icons

  40. How to change what information is displayed on pupil tiles

  41. How to change your account's default data display preference

  42. How to change your account's default language

  43. How to change your account's default seating orientation

  44. How to change your school logo

  45. How to change your school name

  46. How to choose your custom fields

  47. How to clone a fieldset

  48. How to clone a WAR board

  49. How to clone an intelligence event

  50. How to clone your room

  51. How to configure display settings

  52. How to cover a class

  53. How to create a printable detention slip

  54. How to create a room

  55. How to create and manage fieldsets

  56. How to create and use behaviour folders

  57. How to delete a room

  58. How to disable and re-enable a class

  59. How to display flip side of pupil cards

  60. How to display homework by issue / due date

  61. How to download the Class Charts Teacher apps

  62. How to edit an existing room

  63. How to edit detention time, date and location?

  64. How to enable attendance

  65. How to enable dual authentication for your school

  66. How to enable school wide dual authentication

  67. How to enable the Class Charts Teacher apps

  68. How to export all behaviour data

  69. How to export the pupil details table

  70. How to generate a behaviour report

  71. How to generate a detentions report

  72. How to generate a homework set report

  73. How to generate a homework submissions report

  74. How to generate a pupil notes report

  75. How to grant permissions for each individual teacher

  76. How to hide pupil photos in class view

  77. How to inform head of years about an intelligence event

  78. How to inform heads of houses about an intelligence event

  79. How to inform heads of subjects about an intelligence event

  80. How to inform parents about an intelligence event

  81. How to inform timetabled teachers about an intelligence event

  82. How to inform tutors about an intelligence event

  83. How to Log-in

  84. How to make a behaviour require a note

  85. How to make a behaviour require an outcome

  86. How to make custom fields appear as default

  87. How to make groups

  88. How to make optimised seating plans

  89. How to manage orders

  90. How to manage spendable points settings

  91. How to manually add a new subject

  92. How to manually add pupils to desks

  93. How to manually upscale a detention

  94. How to mark a detention as attended

  95. How to modify behaviour permissions

  96. How to modify module permissions

  97. How to modify teacher permissions

  98. How to pin a pupil to a seating position

  99. How to print your seating chart

  100. How to refer a behaviour or detention to another member of staff

  101. How to report safeguarding issues through Class Charts

  102. How to reset behaviour points

  103. How to restore an archived teacher

  104. How to reuse a class' previous group arrangement

  105. How to rotate the class

  106. How to see if a teacher has logged onto Class Charts

  107. How to see which pupils and parents have accessed their accounts

  108. How to select what pupils & parents see through their accounts

  109. How to send account details to staff members

  110. How to set a daily maximum amount for a detention type

  111. How to set a default date for detentions

  112. How to set a default display method in the detentions manager

  113. How to set a homework

  114. How to set a pupil preference of seating position

  115. How to set the timezone

  116. How to set up a behaviour to include a safeguarding report

  117. How to set up a behaviour to write back to SIMS

  118. How to set up behaviour outcomes

  119. How to set up behaviours

  120. How to set up delayed intelligence events

  121. How to set up detention types

  122. How to set up homework templates

  123. How to set up pupil and parent accounts

  124. How to set up Rewards store admins

  125. How to set up school holidays

  126. How to set up SIMS aspects as custom fields

  127. How to set up the detentions manager for pupil and parent accounts

  128. How to set up the public homework calendar

  129. How to set your current seating layout as default

  130. How to share a detention behaviour type with parents

  131. How to share a detention note with parents

  132. How to share a WAR board

  133. How to share and hide behaviour types with pupils & parents

  134. How to turn off sound effects

  135. How to use the activity feed

  136. How to use the notifications centre

  137. How to use WAR Boards

  138. How to view a class behaviour report

  139. How to view a pupil's behaviour report

  140. How to view a subject behaviour report

  141. How to view a year group behaviour report

  142. How to view detentions between a range of dates

  143. How to view detentions in the activity feed?

  144. How to view missed detentions

  145. How to view previously set homework and mark submission

  146. How to view SEN information through Class Charts

  147. How to view the behaviour that triggered an intelligence event

  148. How to view the school homework calendar

  149. How to view unsat detentions?

  150. How to view unscheduled detentions

  151. How to zoom in and out of your class

  152. Influences explained

  153. Information on clearing your cache

  154. Information on whitelisting Class Charts on your school network

  155. Letters for parents

  156. List view explained

  157. Logging in as a parent

  158. Making purchases on behalf of a student

  159. Monitoring staff usage

  160. My classes do not appear in Edmodo

  161. Parent Account Access

  162. Parent Overview Video

  163. Pupil Account Access

  164. Pupil interactions explained

  165. Pupil Sidebar Explained

  166. Quick Start Analytics guide

  167. Quick Start Behaviour Guide

  168. Quick Start Custom Fields Guide

  169. Quick Start Detentions Guide

  170. Quick Start Homework Guide

  171. Quick Start Parents Guide

  172. Quick Start Rewards Store Guide

  173. Quick Start Seating Plan Guide

  174. Quick Start SIMS Writeback Guide

  175. Quick Start Students Guide

  176. Quick Start WAR Boards Guide

  177. Resetting teacher passwords

  178. School Admin - Getting Started Guide (Essential Reading)

  179. School Admin Quick Start video

  180. Setting default writeback parameters

  181. Setting up a RAG target field

  182. Setting up detention times for types

  183. Setting up intelligence events

  184. Setting up Target Boundaries

  185. Single Sign on with Office 365 and Google Apps for Education Guide

  186. Troubleshooting adding aspects from SIMS

  187. Using behaviour follow up comments

  188. Using pupil notes

  189. Viewing changes in behaviour

  190. Weighted behaviour explained

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