Homework Analytics

To look at homework analytics, click on the analytics button at the top of the page.

Click on the 'Homework' tab on the left hand side. You will then be taking to the 'Homework submissions' sub-page. There is another subpage called 'Homework Set'.

To generate a homework submissions report, select your date range and then you can choose a primary and if you want to, a secondary breakdown. You can filter the breakdown by teacher/lesson/pupil/group/year/house/subject.

Once you have chosen your breakdown, date range and filters click either 'Generate report' or to see the report as a spreadsheet, click 'Export to Excel'.

The generate report will show you the number of homeworks marked submitted, overdue or extenuating circumstances for the breakdowns you have chosen. There is also a overall column and a column showing the ratio of submitted:overdue.

A 'Homework set' report or a 'Assigned homework report' will show you the amount of homeworks assigned to a group of pupils or assigned by teachers. 

The same principle is used as the previous breakdown but this time once generated, there is only one column showing the amount of assigned homeworks.

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