How to view previously set homework and mark submission

There are 2 different ways to see your previously set homework and to mark submission.

For the first method,  begin by starting your lesson from the class list.

There is then a new 'Homework' button highlighted below.

The homework slide out will then appear in the 'Set Homework' tab. Click the 'View homework' tab to see all homeworks set in that class. 

You will initially see a list of every homework set in the current class but you can use the date selectors to see homework set between a specific date range.

To view the description of the homework - click the homework title and this will expand the row.

To print the homework slip, which contains all the information you added to the homework then hit the 'Print' icon.

To edit any details in the previously set homework, click the 'Pencil' icon. You will then be able to change any of the homework details and click 'Save homework task' to save the changes.

To check Submission start by clicking the SUBMISSION button

After clicking submission, the sidebar will be hidden and the homework register will open. By default all pupils will be set to 'Not marked'. There are two ways of setting the student homework submission status.

You can set all pupils in the class to the same status by using the dropdown menu in the top right and selecting 'Set all'.

To change the status of individual cards simply click the card you wish to change. The different colours are explained in the screenshot below.

To finish the submission process, click on 'Close register' in the top right hand corner.

You can also mark homeworks from the 'End of Class' report. When the due date of a homework passes, the homework will appear on this report screen. You can then click the relevant square for each pupil to change submission status. Clicking the date above a column will open up the 'Edit' homework slideout.

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