How to use WAR Boards

War Boards user guide

1)     Starting a War Board

To create a War Board click the three lines menu in the top right hand corner of the page. From the settings menu you can select 'War Boards' from the dropdown menu.

2)     You will then see the War Boards landing page. You will see a section for 'My Boards', which are boards created by yourself, and a 'Shared with me' section, these are boards created by others but shared with you to either view or view and edit.

3)   To create a War Board click the 'Add new' button. 

This will take you to the pupil filter screen. Here you can apply a range a filters based on what information we pull through from SIMS or that you have imported. Add your filters and click 'Update War Board'.  

5)     You will then be asked to choose your type of War Board. The options are:

-         Manually arrange a War board (3 columns)

-         Manually arrange a War board (4 columns)

-         Compare 2 grades

-         Compare grade with a preset boundary

-         Display a field

 6)     Manually arranging a War Board - This means you get to choose which column the pupils go into by dragging and dropping them. Clicking the pencil icon above a board will allow you to rename the column.

7)     Comparing two grades - This will allow you to compare any grades or assessment data you have set up in Class Charts. The War Board will automatically assign your pupils into the correct categories based on their assessment data.

8)     Comparing a grade with a boundary preset - This process is the same as above however the grade will be compared to a target boundary which you have set up previously.

9)     Display a field - This allows you to view Yes/No fields for group of pupils.

10)   To save a board use the 'Save war board' button in the top right hand corner of the page.

11)   When manually arranging a war board you can click the 'Revert changes' button which will allow you to either move in single steps backwards and forwards if you have made a mistake when arranging your pupils.

12)   You can share a War Board with the 'Share war board' button with other members of staff. Clicking the 'Share War Board' button will open up a pop up window where you can choose staff to share your board with and with what level of permission they will have. 'Read' allows users to view the War Board only and 'Read and write' allows users to view and edit the board.

13)   When you have your War Board set up, you can drag pupils into a holding area. They will not appear on the board. You can do this by dragging a pupil tile and it will open up the blue holding area on the bottom of the screen. Drop a tile on this to put the pupil in the area. To restore a pupil to the board, click the blue holding area box and restore the pupil from the pop up board.

14)   Use the buttons in the top right hand corner to hide data and photos as appropriate.

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