Setting up Target Boundaries

This new feature allows gives a visual representation of target data which is easy to create, intuitive and a great way of highlighting the progress made by your students.

You can set up a target field to display on a pupils card to see whether your pupils are on target, below target or above target and have it represented by a red, amber or green traffic light system. 

To start go to the 3 lines menu in the top right hand corner and choose 'School settings'. 

Then choose 'Custom fields' from the left hand side of the page and then 'Target boundaries'.

You will then be presented with the target boundaries page, where boundary presets are created and managed. Click on the "Add a boundary preset" button to create a new target boundary. 

Type the name of what you want to call your boundary preset and then click 'Add'. 

The preset will now appear under 'Available boundary presets'.

To edit the boundary preset click the 'pencil' icon, 

You will then be able to enter a below target setting, on target setting, above target and an exceeding target setting. This can entered as numbers (e.g below target: 4,5,6), or by using regular expressions as demonstrated in the screenshot below.

Once you're happy with your target boundaries, go to 'School settings', and then 'Custom fields' on the left hand side and then choose 'Set up custom fields'. 

You can now attach this boundary preset to a target field. A target field will be displayed by having the 'traffic lights' display icon.

You can attach the boundary preset to any target field. In this example we will be attaching the example boundary preset to the 'Example' custom field by clicking the pencil next to the custom field name. 

This will bring up a pop up menu. First choose the target type, which brings up the list of available boundary presets. 

You then need to choose an 'Actual grade field' which the boundary preset will be compared to and click OK to finish.

From the custom fields menu, click on the 'Background' column to have the traffic light system displayed. 

You have now set up a target field to display the data traffic light system. If you make it visible in your class you can see it working on your pupil tiles. 

Green = Above target

Orange = On target 
Red = Below target
Purple = Exceeding Target

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