How to view unscheduled detentions

To view unscheduled detentions in your school, navigate to the 'Detentions' tab from the 3 lines menu in the top right hand corner of Class Charts.

Click the 'Unscheduled detentions' tab.  You will see a list of detentions that need scheduling.

To edit the time, date and location of the detention click on a pupil tile. This will bring up the detention sidebar and you can schedule it with the details you want. 

To schedule multiple detentions for the same time, tick the 'Award/edit multiple pupils' checkbox in the top menu. 

You can then select multiple pupil tiles by clicking on them and then click the 'awards/edit detentions' button to edit multiple detentions at once.

Then simply schedule in the details you want.

You can view the pupils in either a list view, block view or by exporting to excel using the three buttons on the right hand side. 

You can filter detentions by specific criteria such as name, year group, detention type and date issued from the horizontal menu at the top of the detentions display.

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