How to add aspects from SIMS

Class Charts will pull through all Captita’s standard SIMS data as default but if you wish to include custom aspects which your school has created then they need to be member of a sub category called Edukey  (with Xporter as the main category).

Main Category = Xporter
Sub Category = EduKey

How to set Categories from SIMS: (categories only need to be added once).

Right click: 

Enter Xporter as Category Type

Right click your new type: 

Name your category 'EduKey'

Now you need to add the aspects to your category:

Search for your aspect and double click on it:

Find the 'EduKey' category and tick it, then click Save (You must have something in the description field also):

Once the aspects have been applied to the Xporter category and Edukey sub-category, the data will then be received the following morning.

The next step is to decide which of the synced aspects in Class Charts should be made available to teachers. You can read how to do this in 'Setting up custom fields'. 

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