Setting default writeback parameters

To set default writeback parameters, navigate to 'School settings' from the three lines menu in the top right hand corner of Class Charts. Then from the left hand side of the page select the 'SIMS Writeback' tab. 

These writeback parameters will be used for out of classroom behaviour by default and also when a pupil is not timetabled to be somewhere when the incident is awarded. 

1) Location 
When a behaviour incident is recorded, this setting sets the default writeback location where the incident takes place.

2) Activity
This is the default activity type that writes back to SIMS if a behaviour incident is awarded out-of-classroom or if the activity type has not been set for the lesson the behaviour incident was recorded in.

3) Default teacher
If a SIMS linked behaviour is awarded to a SIMS linked student by a manually added teacher (a teacher not pulled through from SIMS), then the behaviour point will write back to SIMS under this teachers name. 

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