How to monitor pupil and parent account access

As pupil and parent codes are distributed from your school's Class Charts account, it may be useful to monitor which users have been able to access their accounts.

To check if a pupil or parent has accessed their Class Charts account, click on the Pupils tab at the top of the page.

You will be presented with a table of pupils that are currently enrolled at your school. Scroll across the table horizontally until you reach the Parent account and Pupil account columns.

In the Parent account and Pupil account columns, users that have accessed their accounts will be marked with a tick and the date they last accessed their account. Users that have not accessed their Class Charts accounts will be marked with a cross.

The two columns can also be filtered by accessed accounts and not accessed accounts, as well as filtered by last access date.

To find out more about parental access for a specific pupil, click on their entry in the Parent account column. A popup will appear which lists the users that have access to the pupil's Class Charts data.

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