Pupil Account Access

Class Charts offers the opportunity to allow parent and pupils access to their behaviour data. This feature can be enabled by the admin. 

Pupils can log-in to their account from https://www.classcharts.com/student/login

To find out access codes for all pupils you can bulk download from the pupil list by clicking the 'Pupil accounts' button from the top left hand corner of the page. 

This will bring up a pop up window which has a link to the pupil log in website, and the option to either download printable invitations to physically send or give to pupils or to download the codes in a spreadsheet which you can mail merge. 

A document can be found to mail merge in the useful documents section.

To download an individual pupil code, you can either a) select a pupil by ticking their box in the pupil list and clicking the button as above or b) open up a pupil report and select the 'Pupil account' button in the top right corner of their profile which will display their code. 

When you have clicked this button you can also reset the pupil code if details change such as email.

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