How to add pupils

There are two ways of adding pupils to your class charts accounts. Firstly navigate to the either the settings cog in the top right hand corner of the screen, click it and select 'Import Pupils'. You can also go to the pupils list and choose 'Add pupils'.  

You will now be on the import screen. You can choose to manually input each pupil or upload an excel spreadsheet containing the pupil data. If you are manually typing in the pupil information, click submit and you will be taken to a screen displaying whether the pupils imported correctly. 

If you want to import pupils via an excel spreadsheet, click the 'Upload Excel Spreadsheet' button. This will bring up a pop up window where you can choose the spreadsheet you want to upload from your documents. 

After you click upload, you will be presented with your spreadsheet entered onto our data grid. To finish off simply click submit and your pupils will be added to your Class Charts account. 

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