Using pupil notes

To add a note about a pupil open up the pupil sidebar and click the 'Notes' button. 

You can now write a note in the box that appears and click 'Post note' to add the note to the pupils note feed. 

After posting the note you can customise it. You can change the date the note was issued by clicking on the calendar icon and selecting a new date and time. To edit the contents of the note, click on the pencil icon and retype your message.To delete a note simply click on the trash can icon. Finally if you have previously set up note categories, so can choose a category to apply to the note by using the drop down "select category" menu.

You are also able to choose who you share the note with. To share a note with all users you must untick the "private" checkbox. Note sharing options are as follows:

  • Private: By default notes will be set as "private", which means that only yourself and your school admin users will be able to see the note. 
  • Sticky: Notes with the "sticky" checkbox ticked will display at the beginning of the notes list for that pupil. This is typically used for vital information about that pupil.
  • Share with parents: If parent accounts are enabled by your school, you can tick this option to make the note visible to parents.
  • Share with pupil: If student accounts are enabled by your school, you can tick this option to make the note visible to students.

Attaching a note in activity feed

If you have awarded a point but forgot to add a note or wish to add a note at a later time/date, you can do this by navigating to the 'Activity' tab.

In the activity feed, you will see a list of awarded behaviours - simply find the point that you want to attach a note to (you can filter the behaviour by using the filtering system).

To apply the note, click on the behaviour and the note section will show up on your screen.

Once you have added the note, this will save automatically. 

You can also click off the behaviour to see the applied changes.

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