Pupil Sidebar Explained

To open up the pupil sidebar, click on a pupil tile in your class. You will be presented with the following display:   

1) Behaviour Points > The green circle represents the amount of positive behaviour points accumulated, and the red circle represents the amount of negative behaviour points accumulated. 

2) SEN tab > This tab displays a pupil's Plan, Provisions and Passport if they have been assigned any.

3) Notes tab > This tab allows you to add general notes about a pupil, and to view existing notes about that pupil.

4) Q + A tab > This tab opens up the Q + A display, where you can use the three answer buttons to log if the pupil answered a question correctly.

5) Behaviour > Clicking on any of these icons will award the respective behaviour to the pupil.

6) Activity feed > This feed displays which behaviour awards the pupil has received, when they received them, where they received them, and who awarded them the behaviour. 

Clicking the 'Negative' button will allow you to award negative behaviours. 

Please refer to the 'How to set up behaviours' section to learn more about setting up behaviours. 

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