How to create a wellbeing tracker

When recording wellbeing submissions, you are also able to specify a tracker that can be used as an additional category in wellbeing reports.

To create a wellbeing tracker, click on the three lines menu and select School Settings from the list of available options.

Next, click on the Wellbeing tab from the left hand side menu.


You will be presented with a list of your school’s current wellbeing trackers. To add a new wellbeing tracker, click on the Add wellbeing tracker button.

The Add wellbeing tracker popup will appear. Enter a name for the new wellbeing tracker and click on the OK button.

The new wellbeing tracker will now appear in the list of your school’s wellbeing trackers, ready to be used in wellbeing submissions.


Editing wellbeing trackers

To edit the name of a wellbeing tracker, enter a new name for it in the text field provided. Changes to wellbeing trackers are applied retroactively on previously recorded wellbeing submissions.


Deleting wellbeing trackers

To delete a wellbeing tracker, click on the bin icon to the left of it.

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