How to view teacher attendance records

There may be times when it will be necessary to see an overview of how attendance is being taken, such as making sure every staff member is correctly taking attendance. Class Charts allows you to view attendance submission records across your school using the teacher attendance records table.

To view the teacher attendance records for your school, click on the Analytics tab along the top of the page

Next, click on the Attendance tab on the left hand side and select the Teachers option.

You will be presented with the teacher attendance records table, where records of taking attendance are displayed for each teacher.

Each entry in the teacher attendance records table is represented by a colour that indicates how attendance was taken. This is explained in more detail below:

Green: Full attendance was taken for the lesson.

Yellow: Partial attendance was taken for the lesson. Whilst some pupils will have recorded attendance for the lesson, other pupils will have no attendance records.

Red: Attendance was not taken for the lesson.

White: There is no lesson to take attendance for.

Grey: The lesson has not occurred yet, so attendance is yet to be taken.


Viewing attendance records in more detail

To view more information about a specific attendance record, mouse over an entry in the teacher attendance records table. The mouse over text will display the class name, along with the number of pupils that attendance was successfully marked for.


Viewing attendance records for other weeks

By default, the teacher attendance records table displays attendance information for the current week. To view other weeks in the academic year, use the Previous week and Next week buttons to move between the records.

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