How do I take attendance?

Taking attendance is a simple process. Select the 'Attendance' button located in the top toolbar.

By default, the system will assume all pupils are present. To mark a pupil as absent, simply left-click their icon on the seating plan and their absence will be notified. 

You can also mark a pupil as being late if you left -lick again and display the "clock" icon.

This view displays the percentage of classes attended for each pupil.  The colours on the attendance bar represent the following attendance types:
  • Attended = green
  • Authrosised absence = blue
  • Late = yellow
  • Absent = red  

You are able to mark all pupils with an attendance type at once, by using the drop down menu to choose the attendance and the "set all" button.

Once all absences have been selected, left-click the 'close register' button found at the top right of the page. 

Absent students are now greyed out, and will not be included when arranging pupils into groups.

Attendance records will then be saved once the class has ended.  

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