How do I add ClassCharts to my iPad homescreen?

To add ClassCharts to your homescreen, firstly open Safari on your iPad.

Next click the address bar and enter to go to the ClassCharts homepage.

Next select the arrow icon next to the website URL, highlighted in the image below.

Once you've clicked the icon, a new menu should appear. From this menu, select 'Add to Home Screen'.

A new menu will then appear, here you can edit the website name if need be. 

Next, click the 'Add' button which is highlighted in the image below.

The ClassCharts icon will then be added to one of your homescreens! If you have many icons on your homescreen, you may find that the ClassCharts icon has been placed on a different page. 

To place Classcharts on your main homescreen, simply switch between the 3 homescreens until you find the icon, most likely at the end of the list where new icons are added.

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