How to manage orders

As pupils earn spendable points through Class Charts, purchase orders will begin to come in. To manage these orders, click on the three lines menu in the top right hand corner of the page and click on Rewards in the list.

Next, click on the Orders tab in the left hand menu.

The View orders option directs you to a list of reward store orders that have been made by pupils.

Each entry displays the name of the pupil that the order is for, what was ordered and when, the pupil's tutor and year group information, and the current status of the order. The list can be refined by using the search fields, as well as the filter and sorting options.

To change the status of an order, select an option from the Status drop down menu. The three types of status are explained below:

Pending: This is the default status option when an order is placed.

Fulfilled: Select this option when the reward has successfully been given to the pupil.

Cancelled: Select this option to cancel the order.

To export the order list to an excel spreadsheet, click on the Export option underneath the Orders tab.

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