How to create and use behaviour folders

You can group your behaviours by using behaviour folders. To set up a behaviour folder, click on the 3 lines menu in the top right hand corner of the page and select 'Behaviours' from the list of options.  

 You will now be on the 'Current Behaviours' page. Click on the "add folder" button to create a new behaviour folder.


First, choose an icon for your behaviour folder from the selection.

Next, enter a name for the folder and click save.

You should now see an area below your behaviour list that is labelled with the folder name, along with the folder within the behaviours list marked with a folder icon (briefcase). 

To add behaviours to your folder, simply drag your chosen behaviours and place them within the folder area. 

You can also change the folder by clicking on the behaviour and selecting a folder option from the drop down menu.

To use behaviours inside folders within your classes, simply click on the pupil and select the behavior folder from the available options.

You will then see the list of behaviours that are grouped under that particular folder. Click on a behaviour to award it to the pupil.

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