Homework differentiation explained

There may be times when pupils move to and from classes with outstanding homework that still applies to them. Homework differentiation allows teachers to manage the homeworks assigned to these special cases and can also be used to set differentiated homework within a class.

To begin using the homework differentiation feature, start any class and click on the "homework" tab.

Next, click on the "view homework" tab, to see all of the homework tasks currently assigned to your class.

Click on the people icon, to bring up the homework differentiation menu.

You will then be presented with a list of pupils in the class. This list will also contain pupils who have moved into the class, and pupils who were in the class when the homework was set but have since left the class. As shown in the screenshot below, pupils who left the class are indicated by a "moved class" banner next to their name, and new pupils are indicated with a "not assigned" banner.

To unassign a pupil from the homework, simply click on the minus symbol icon on their row.

The pupil (in this case Dave Abbess) will then appear in the greyed out section of the list with a "not assigned" icon next to their name, indicating that they have been taken off the homework task.

Pupils with the "moved class" icon next to their name will still be notified about the homework task. To fully remove them from the homework task, click on the minus symbol icon next to their name.

You will be given the above warning dialog. Clicking okay will remove the pupil from the homework completely, and there is no way to reassign them.

To assign a pupil to the homework, simply click on the plus symbol icon on their row.

The pupil (in this case Samantha Acton) will then be assigned the homework, and appear in the homework list with the other pupils.

You can also use the homework differentiation menu to record whether homework was submitted or not.

Each pupil has a drop down menu next to their name which indicates the status of their homework submission. There are 4 different status options to choose from: submitted, overdue, extenuating circumstances, and not marked.

To simultaneously assign / unassign pupils or mark homework submissions you have two selection options available: you can either use the checkboxes (1) to select specific pupils, or you can use the select all button (2).

Once you have made your selections, use the "do with selected" buttons to change how the pupils are assigned, or the status of their homework submissions.  

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