Knowledge Base

  1. Account Issues 

    1. How to Log-in
    2. Forgotten your Password
    3. Parent Account Access
    4. Pupil Account Access
    5. How to see which pupils and parents have accessed their accounts
  2. Activity Feed 

    1. What is the activity feed?
  3. Analytics  

    1. Analytics home page explained
    2. Viewing changes in behaviour
    3. Weighted behaviour explained
    4. Pupil interactions explained
    5. How to generate a behaviour report
  4. Attendance 

    1. How do I take attendance?
    2. How can I edit attendance records?
  5. Behaviour 

    1. How can I select a random pupil
  6. Behaviour Management 

    1. Pupil Sidebar Explained
    2. How to set up behaviours
    3. How to award behaviour points
    4. Influences explained
    5. How to award multiple pupils behaviour points
  7. Custom Fields 

    1. How to make custom fields appear as default
    2. How to choose your custom fields
    3. How to display flip side of pupil cards
    4. How to change custom field icons
    5. How to clone a fieldset
  8. Detentions 

    1. How to set up detention types
    2. Setting up detention times for types
    3. How to upscale a detention
    4. How to view unscheduled detentions
    5. How to view missed detentions
  9. Display Options 

    1. How to hide pupil photos in class view
  10. FAQs and Troubleshooting 

    1. Information on clearing your cache
    2. Troubleshooting adding aspects from SIMS
    3. Does this work on an ipad?
  11. Free Version 

    1. How to add pupils
    2. How to manually add a class
    3. How to assign a room to a class
    4. How to create a room
  12. Going mobile 

    1. How do I add ClassCharts to my iPad homescreen?
    2. Is there an app for the ipad?
    3. It's too small for my mobile phone!
  13. Homework 

    1. How to set a homework
    2. How to view previously set homework and mark submission
    3. How to set up homework templates
    4. How to view the school homework calendar
    5. Homework Analytics
  14. Rewards Store 

    1. Rewards store
    2. Making purchases on behalf of a student
  15. School Admin 

    1. How to change your school name
    2. How to set the timezone
    3. How to change your school logo
    4. How to enable attendance
    5. How to see if a teacher has logged onto Class Charts
  16. Seating Charts and My Classes 

    1. How to manually add pupils to desks
    2. How to make optimised seating plans
    3. How to make groups
    4. How to print your seating chart
    5. How to clone your room
  17. Useful documents 

    1. Quick Start Seating Plan Guide
    2. Quick Start Behaviour Guide
    3. Quick Start Custom Fields Guide
    4. Quick Start Detentions Guide
    5. Quick Start WAR Boards Guide
  18. Video Guides 

    1. Logging in as a parent
    2. Parent Overview Video
  19. WAR Boards 

    1. How to use War Boards
  20. All articles 

    1. How do I add ClassCharts to my iPad homescreen?
    2. How do I take attendance?
    3. My classes do not appear in Edmodo
    4. Can I collaborate in Edmodo?
    5. Enable/Disable teachers creating their own behaviours

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