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  1. Account Issues 

    1. How to Log-in
    2. Forgotten your Password
    3. How to download the Class Charts Teacher apps
    4. How to enable the Class Charts Teacher apps
  2. Account preferences 

    1. How to change your account's default language
    2. How to change your account's default data display preference
    3. How to change your account's default seating orientation
    4. How to turn off sound effects
    5. How to hide pupil photos in class view
  3. Activity Feed 

    1. How to use the activity feed
    2. How to refer a behaviour or detention to another member of staff
    3. How to use the notifications centre
  4. Analytics  

    1. Analytics home page explained
    2. Viewing changes in behaviour
    3. Weighted behaviour explained
    4. Pupil interactions explained
    5. How to generate a behaviour report
  5. Announcements 

    1. How to create an announcement
    2. How to edit an announcement
  6. Attendance via Wonde 

    1. How to mark attendance for a lesson
    2. How to default to list view when taking attendance
    3. How to bulk set attendance for a pupil
    4. How to generate a paper register for fire drills
    5. How to generate a session attendance report
  7. Behaviour Management 

    1. Pupil Sidebar Explained
    2. How to set up behaviours
    3. How to set up behaviour outcomes
    4. How to make a behaviour require a note
    5. How to make a behaviour require an outcome
  8. Custom Fields 

    1. How to create a custom field
    2. How to set default custom fields
    3. How to select custom fields for a lesson
    4. How to display flip side of pupil cards
    5. How to edit the appearance of a custom field
  9. Detentions 

    1. How to set up detention types
    2. How to set a default time for a detention type
    3. How to share a detention note with parents
    4. How to share a detention behaviour type with parents
    5. How to set a default date for a detention type
  10. FAQs and Troubleshooting 

    1. Information on clearing your cache
    2. Information on whitelisting Class Charts on your school network
    3. Information on whitelisting Provision Maps on your school network
    4. Troubleshooting adding aspects from SIMS
    5. Why hasn’t our Pupil Premium information been updated?
  11. Homework 

    1. How to set a homework
    2. How to mark submissions for a homework task
    3. How to award a behaviour whilst marking homework submissions
    4. How to set up homework templates
    5. How to view the school homework calendar
  12. Intelligence Events 

    1. How to create an intelligence event
    2. How to set up delayed intelligence events
    3. How to inform tutors about an intelligence event
    4. How to inform head of years about an intelligence event
    5. How to inform heads of subjects about an intelligence event
  13. Pupil and Parent accounts 

    1. How to set up pupil and parent accounts
    2. How to select what pupils & parents see through their accounts
    3. How to set up the detentions manager for pupil and parent accounts
    4. How to distribute pupil account codes
    5. How to distribute parent account codes
  14. Quick Start Guides 

    1. Quick Start Behaviour Guide
    2. Quick Start Seating Plan Guide
    3. Quick Start Custom Fields Guide
    4. Quick Start Homework Guide
    5. Quick Start Detentions Guide
  15. Rewards Store 

    1. How to create a reward
    2. How to edit a reward
    3. How to set up Rewards store admins
    4. How to view spendable points balances
    5. How to purchase on behalf of a pupil
  16. School Admin 

    1. How to change your school name
    2. How to set the timezone
    3. How to change your school logo
    4. How to enable school wide dual authentication
    5. How to reset behaviour points
  17. Seating Charts and My Classes 

    1. How to manually add a class
    2. How to cover a class
    3. How to manually seat pupils
    4. How to make optimised seating plans
    5. How to make groups
  18. Staff Management 

    1. How to add a new member of staff
    2. How to send account details to staff members
    3. How to check if a staff member has logged onto Class Charts
    4. How to restore an archived staff member
    5. How to choose permissions for each individual staff member
  19. Useful documents 

    1. Letters for parents
    2. Single Sign on with Office 365 and Google Apps for Education Guide
    3. Adding Aspects from SIMS Guide
    4. Admin on Boarding Guide
    5. Checklist for admins rolling out Class Charts
  20. WAR Boards 

    1. How to create a War Board
    2. How to apply custom fields to a WAR board
    3. How to share a WAR board
    4. How to clone a WAR board
  21. Wellbeing 

    1. How to issue a wellbeing submission
    2. How to create a wellbeing tracker
    3. How to edit the wellbeing face labels
    4. How to view wellbeing submissions in the activity feed
    5. How to view a pupil’s wellbeing graph
  22. All articles 

    1. Whitelist - Emails
    2. Enable/Disable teachers creating their own behaviours
    3. How to create a reward
    4. School Admin Quick Start video
    5. How to Log-in
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